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Morning Riser 200g

Morning Riser 200g

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Morning Riser

Introducing our Super Greens Powder Mix – a
powerhouse blend of nutrient-dense superfoods
designed to support your health and wellness goals.
This carefully crafted formula is packed with ingredients
known for their incredible health benefits.
A blend of super greens, with lemon juice powder for
added flavor and vitamin C, Chlorella powder for
detoxification and immune support and Astragalus P.E.
10:1 for an extra boost to your overall well-being.
- May Support immune health and boost energy levels
- May Promote detoxification and aid in digestion
- May provide a rich source of vitamins, minerals, and
- Convenient and easy to incorporate into your daily


Barley Grass Powder (organic), Kale Powder (organic),
Alfalfa Grass Powder (organic),Wheatgrass Powder
(organic), Oat Grass Powder (organic),Spirulina Powder
(organic), Lemon Juice Powder (organic),Chlorella
Powder (organic), Astragalus P.E. 10:1 (organic).
Audited and certified USDA organic regulations, 7 CFR
Part 205 by Ecocert SAS France (2024).

5 g (1 scoop.)
Mix into smoothies, juice or for a quick and easy boost.

Storage Store in an airtight container in a cool, dry place, away
from direct sunlight. This product may naturally clump in
humid conditions.
Use within 6 months of opening.




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