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Tomato Basil Bone Broth Pasta Sause 475ml

Tomato Basil Bone Broth Pasta Sause 475ml

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Introducing our tomato and basil pasta sauce, made with the goodness of bone broth. This delectable sauce is a perfect blend of ripe tomatoes, fragrant basil, and a rich bone broth base. We carefully simmer the tomatoes and basil with our homemade bone broth, enhancing the flavors and creating a sauce that is both robust and savory. The addition of bone broth not only adds a depth of flavor, but also provides added nutritional benefits. This sauce is ideal for pasta dishes, whether you're making a classic spaghetti or a creamy penne. It can also be used as a base for other recipes, such as pizza or baked dishes. With its delicious taste and nourishing ingredients, our tomato and basil pasta sauce made with bone broth is sure to elevate your pasta dishes to a whole new level of flavor.


Tomato puree , Tomato Paste ,Beef Bone broth , Onions , Carrots , Celery , Garlic ,Basil , Oregano salt and pepper 

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